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    The Competence Network Life Science (CONELIS e.V.) is an association of selected life science experts – covering the entire value chain of life science from early discovery to product commercialization.

    CONELIS members are distinguished experts with extensive experience in their specific area of expertise. They were carefully selected based on referrals and our own high standards. They are committed to continuous service improvement through interdisciplinary interaction within the network, mutual training and the development of best practices. CONELIS experts are easy to contact and there are no hidden costs.

    If you are seeking support in the field of life sciences, CONELIS is your first choice for:

    Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control, Preclinical Research and Development, Clinical Development, Drug Regulatory Affairs and Compliance, Business Strategy and Development, Intellectual Property, Corporate Design, Medical Devices

    Contact and further information: www.conelis.org

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